he Buzz on Maggie was a Canadian/American animated television series which originally aired for 21 episodes between June 2005 and May 2006. The series focuses on Maggie Pesky, a happy-go-lucky tween fly, that aspires of becoming a rock star, but many episodes focus on her daily life.

The series was created by Dave Polsky, one of the writers for Scary Movie 2 and Frank TV. Dave Wasson directed and designed the looks for the characters. The series was the first Disney series to be fully animated in Flash, and it was nominated for an Annie Award for its character design. In August 2005, an artist for the series confirmed that the series had been cancelled. The last episode aired on May 27, 2006, and the series continued to air in reruns until August 2008.


Maggie Pesky is a creative, cute and expressive fly, who has a dream of becoming a famous rock star. She lives in the fly metropolis of Stickyfeet with her parents Chauncey and Frieda, her older brother Aldrin, younger brother Pupert, and her younger sister Bella, who is still in the stage of a maggot.

Throughout the show Maggie is seen to choose the easy way in the tasks she accomplishes, such as cheating on a test or simply being selfish. She is often seen to only care about herself, and puts herself and her needs in front of others. Her best friend Rayna Cartflight helps Maggie to fulfill her dreams. Even though the main story is that Maggie wants to be a rock star, most episodes are about her daily life and the occasions she faces

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