Raspberry Torte is the main tritagonist of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends and main characters in the cartoon series.


A friendly fashionista with a fresh outlook on all things creative. A sweetheart who loves designing with inspiration from her best friends.


Raspberry has fair skin with pale pink lips and pink violet eyes. Her long raspberry-colored hair is navel length with softly spiked bangs mostly brushed to the right, long enough to cover one ear. She wears a mint headband with a single green stripe in the middle and a raspberry ornament sewn to the side. At times she may pull her hair into a ponytail held with a raspberry clip.

Normally, she wears a light green top with tight elbow-length sleeves beneath a raspberry sleeveless dress with a design matching her headband beneath the chest. Tiny studs line both the top and bottom of the dress. She also wears a purple bolero, purple flats with three raspberry spheres on each toe and a pale pink strap, and soft pink and white striped leggings. At times she carries a raspberry bracelet or purse.

For casual outings later in the series she wore a pink and white striped shirt with two raspberries on it, one white, one pale lilac with purple lining, along with fuchsia short-shorts and pink shoes.


Sweet and passive and patient, but a little sensitive and at her worst can appear fussy or flustered when confronted by a problem. She also appears to lack self-confidence and has a hard time coming out of her shell to speak of her own ideas unless others encourage her first. Raspberry is very artistic and creative. She is always designing and is filled with big ideas.

She is a bit of a perfectionist and may overwork herself if given a window of opportunity that needs her full attention. While she is aware her decisions may worry others, she feels that she has to be this way to complete anything.

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